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Se habla español en Everlasting Health Center en Reno, Nevada

Se habla español en Everlasting Health Center

En Everlasting Health Center de Reno, Nevada, le podemos  ayudar con productos naturales para mejorar la salud hablando su propio idioma, español. Hay personas que trabajan cada martes, miércoles, y viernes y ayudan a contestar todas sus preguntas de salud.

Los martes, miércoles, y viernes son el mejor dias de la semana para tus preguntas en español. Los otras dias puedes hablar con Rebecca. Ahora, estamos buscando a alguien para que trabaje en nuestra tienda. Alguien que pueda enseñar a personas que tienen muchos tipos de preguntas sobre Salud Natural y que tambien pueda hablar español e Inglés.

Si tú conoces a alguna persona que puede corregir esta página en español o si tu conoces a  alguien bilingüe que busca trabajo en Reno, por favor contáctanos.

We speak Spanish at Everlasting Health Center

At Everlasting Health Center in Reno, Nevada we can help you with natural products to improve your health in your native language*. We have people to who work every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday who help answer your health questions in Spanish.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are the best days to get answers to your health questions in Spanish. Other days of the week you can ask for Rebecca. We are still looking for additional people to work in the store who are bilingual and knowledgeable about natural health care. We offer several natural health care services and products including, massage, far infrared sauna, alkaline ionized water, vitamins, supplements, and natural herbs. We offer a unique service called vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) that provides sound and vibration therapy. People have observed that different frequencies of sound have reduced their pain from various ailments.

We have several massage offerings including sports massage, therapeutic massage, massage for children athletes (with parents consent, and parents must be present), lymphatic drainage massage, craniosacral massage therapy, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, and pre natal massage for expecting mothers.

If you know anyone who is bilingual, good with helping people, passionate about natural health care and looking for work in Reno, please contact us.

*This assumes you speak Spanish, French or English. Unfortunately, we can only speak a few words of Hebrew, Russian, German and Japanese. Possibly enough to politely say hello, good bye, please or thank you.

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