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Thankful Thoughts: What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching.

Many people began posting things to be thankful for on their facebook pages starting on November 1st. In the spirit of preparing for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share some similar sentiments on our Everlasting Health Center page.

Week one of things to be thankful for …

November 1st: Thursdays are wonderful! Ijekah Bodywork at Everlasting Health Center started this month with a new corporate chair massage account. We help people reduce daily stress and enjoy their workplace. I’m blessed to see old friends again. Thursdays may well be my favorite day of the week.

November 2nd: I’m thankful for amazing people to work with at Everlasting Health Center. We are very lucky to have a group of people who are so positive, happy, full of life and who enjoy helping others so much!

November 3rd: I’m grateful we shared the gift of touch via chair massage with several attendees at the Reno Buy Local event at Reno’s National Automobile Museum. I was delighted to see good friends who stopped in to say hello. I look forward to working with great new clients who already booked massage appointments with us!

November 4th: Sundays. Need I say more?

November 5th: I am grateful for Traumeel gel, Traumeel ointment and Traumeel Tablets for sore muscles. This natural homeopathic product helps many of our massage clients and store customers. One of the main homeopathic medications in Traumeel is Arnica, which was recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show. Arnica is also available in a pure form from Boiron.

Arnica Tablets, Arnica GelTraumeel Gel, Traumeel Cream, Traumeel Liquid, Traumeel TabletsDr Oz

November 6th: We had extraordinary success booking massages with our skilled massage therapists. We’ve had several specialty massages including couples massages, pre-natal massages, deep tissue massages, sports massage and have gotten back terrific client feedback.

November 7th: Kindred spirits. It’s a wonderful thing when you and another human being can connect so deeply.

Week two, giving thanks for …

November 8th: I’m very appreciative of patient people. And kind people.

November 9th: Very lucky I have a fantastic husband and that we are able to help with judging, timing and score keeping at amateur Mixed Martial Arts events in Reno.

November 10th: I’m thankful for toilet paper. That’s right. I said it. Something so simple. I’ve traveled to other places in the world where they don’t have the same appreciation for it. And, I’m also thankful for my husband’s wonderful sense of humor!

November 11th: It’s an amazing feeling when you know three expecting mothers got great pre-natal massages! It’s even cooler when one of the therapists giving the pre-natal massage is also pregnant.

November 12th: It’s wonderful that all of our massage therapists schedules are so booked up that we’re filling last minute spots and cancellations rapidly!

November 13th: It’s amazing to have a fantastic team of people who are so enthusiastic about learning and sharing knowledge with our customers. All of our team members go through Enzymedica Training and become Enzyme Experts.
Thankful for Enzymedica Experts

November 14th: I’m super grateful for wonderful customers who come into the store and share great experiences they’ve had with us! One customer started taking BP Norm recently and she is delighted that it is helping her blood pressure stay stable. She’s only having to take one tablet every other day, and she says it’s working great for her. Another man came in just to tell us how great KoLESSteral is working for him.

Starting week three, more things to appreciate …

November 15th: I’m thankful for people who are honest and give you useful feedback in a kind yet straightforward way.

November 16th: Grateful for Mantra Indian Cuisine. I love that there’s now an Indian Restaurant in town with a dinner buffet! So exciting. Like them on facebook and write a review on Yelp. They could really use some local love.

November 17th: I’m thankful that people are understanding when your smartphone autocorrects your messages into incomprehensible nonsense.

Now it’s your turn. Please, share your thoughts with us. What are you thankful for today?

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