The fear all men dread, you are on your way to bed with the love of your life, you drop your pants just to find your shortsword really short. He has not come out to play and you know he should, and wants to. The good news is that there are options available to you.

It was the year 1874, dated in history and placed next to the names like; Jesse James and his gangs of robbers, Mary Walsh and Charles Colson who were the first couple to get married on a hot air balloon, the great Levi Strauss who made blue jeans with copper rivets and then off-course the man of the hour, the American Physician Mr John King who invented the first concept of the penis pump. His invention was to be the first artificial erection producer and it was like magic back then.

Many men were grateful to learn of his invention and the comfort of use amaze people until this day. With the upgrades and fashions that grew (excuse the pun) from that day in history of the penis pump creation, there is no telling where it will go into the future, one thing that can be said is that this penis pump contraption has abilities beyond expectations. It was used by princes and vagabonds throughout history. Let us point out to you what a penis pump is and why to use one.

What Is A Penis Pump?

First, let us describe the look of it, it’s a tube-like thing that works somewhat like a syringe would, you push or pull to create action. It is a device that is placed over your penis, sealing on your ballsack top.

The penis pump creates a sucking motion or vacuum once the penis is inserted and by a kind of force from the top making the blood fill the veins and thus it enlarges and strengthens the penis. Now even a hard cock can become harder, once the penis is enlarged and filled with lots of blood in the veins, you place a kind of cock ring around your penis and this then keeps the blood filled veins full.

Studies have shown that there are no permanent problems at all when using a penis pump, bruising if used wrong is something that many a novice have had. Don’t worry, it’s more of a 1 out of 50 thousand or something chance, but that’s only if you use it wrong. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Penis Pump?

There are many different reasons why men use penis pumps nowadays. The use of one has many benefits for men, that can help with many different types of erectile problems, or simply just to restore sensitivity to the penis head.

  • Longer and thicker penis. The suction effects will provide you with a longer and thicker looking penis. It certainly will help to boost your confidence if you have a longer and thicker looking penis.
  • Increases sensitivity. The suction also helps to restore sensitivity to the penis head and shaft. This can lead to more intense pleasure and satisfaction when you orgasm.
  • Safe for regular use. It is completely safe and tested for regular usage. Therefore you may go ahead and use it everyday if you wish.
  • Treats erectile dysfunction. The penis pump is often used as a treatment for many forms of erectile dysfunction. It is one of the noninvasive types of treatments used today.
  • Ejaculation control. With regular use of the penis pump, it can help to control ejaculation time. It is always best when both partners orgasm at similar times.

With all these problems being solved by using a penis pump, we are sure it is bound to give your sex life a nice boost, spicing it up for more pleasure and enjoyment.

Top 5 Penis Pumps On Cirilla Under $50

Now that we know a little more about penis pumps, how they work and what their benefits are. These certainly do meet any budget and they’re good enough quality to last you a while. Let’s take a look at the top 5 penis pumps available on Cirilla right now for under $50.

Optimum Series Big Man’s Pump

The Big Man’s pump is designed to fit the length and girth of most well-endowed men. The cylinder is twelve-inch long, and uses vacuum power to increase the pressure and blood flow to your penis as you pump. Over time, it will help to increase sensitivity, make you appear larger, and give the biggest erections. The cylinder is transparent, therefore giving you a full view of your penis enlarging with each pump. It is made from TPE, PS, ABS, Phthalate free PVC.

It is great to enhance pleasure during both masturbation and partner play. It has a bulb that you can press to increase pressure, and when you are done, it has a quick release valve that will relieve the pressure from your cock immediately. This one is going for just $49.99 on Cirilla right now, what a steal! Black Performance VX101 Male Enhancement Pump - PackagingBlue Performance VX101 Male Enhancement Pump - LifestyleBlue Performance VX101 Male Enhancement Pump - FrontBlue Performance VX101 Male Enhancement Pump - Front AltBlue Performance VX101 Male Enhancement Pump - TopBlue Performance VX101 Male Enhancement Pump - MeasurementBlue Performance VX101 Male Enhancement Pump - FeaturesBlue Performance VX101 Male Enhancement Pump - Packaging Combo

Performance VX101 Male Enhancement Pump

The performance VX101 pump is great for beginners, but just made a whole lot better. It has a durable rubber ball pump that generates a strong suction. Then a quick release valve designed for your safety. It has a soft cylinder seal. The cylinder is sized to fit most sized men, and is made from impact-resistant plastics such as ABS plastic, silicone and TPE. You also get a little surprise with your Performance VX101, a stay hard cock ring for extra pleasure. For your safety you receive a detailed instruction manual.

This one is bound to be both comfortable and pleasurable. You will start to feel increased sensitivity, comfort and pleasure with this penis pump. It is only going for $24.99 on Cirilla today, and it’s worth every cent! 

Apollo Sta-Hard Kit

This one has everything you need to keep you going hard. With the Sta-hard erection pump you can maintain your erection as the device has a flanged base with a secure seal. It has a soft and stretchy donut that is removable and an easy squeeze bulb that has a quick air release valve for your safety. There are silicone rings in two different sizes and once you have achieved your erection, you can stroke your penis with the stroker and stimulate your favorite zones with the multi-speed vibrating bullet.

This one is both practical and pleasurable! You are bound to find much enjoyment out of this one to spice up your sex life and turn you on bigtime bringing sensitivity back to your penis and keeping you hard for longer periods. All this for only $42.99 on Cirilla today, and worth every cent.

Sta-Hard Erector Kit

This one will take you to a dreamland never entered before. The Stay-hard Erector Pump Set includes a Sta-hard erection pump with a clear cylinder, flanged base, removable soft TPR donut and  EZ squeeze bulb, an All-star enhancer ring, a soft stretchy ribbed masturbator and a powerful vibrating multi-speed bullet. This kit together works on all sorts of enhancement, maintaining and sustaining your special goods. It works with two AA batteries (sold separately), and is made from ABS, TPR, PVC, and ABS with silver plating.

This dynamite kit is bound to bring you a lifetime of pleasure and comfort, as you maintain your erections, increase sensitivity and learn to control ejaculation with it. It is only going for $36.99 on Cirilla today, so affordable!

Precision Pump with Erection Enhancer

This penis pump system will help you to get some hot and steamy action in with your hardened penis and controlled ejaculation. This one has a Translucent 8” long cylinder with a ribbed latex donut, an erection enhancer flex tube and power packed suction bulb with purge valve and a free lube sample. It is phthalate free and made from latex, ABS, PVC, rubber and silicone.

This one is so easy to use, and is bound to bring you both pleasure and confidence back as your penis enlarges and your ejaculation is controlled. It is currently going for

$33.99 on Cirilla today, a real steal this one!

Every man deserves to spice up his sex life and feel confident in the bedroom. Using a penis pump not only has pleasurable benefits but also has many health benefits. Solving problems such as erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation for you builds your confidence in the bedroom again. They also each come with a pleasurable toy to activate the blood flow to your penis and stimulate your penis head and shaft to increase sensitivity. If you don’t already have one, you better make a plan and get one ordered through Cirilla today! Cirilla has a wealth of experience in the industry, founded in 1992. They have really made a name for themselves in the industry of Novelty toys solving sexual problems and fulfilling sexual fantasies in both men and women for decades. You should consider buying for yourself and even for a friend as a gift. A friend in need is a friend indeed. They offer anything from lingerie, penis pumps, vibrators, dildos, sexual essentials, intimates, sexual enhancers etc. Don’t delay, get your penis pump today!

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