After the controversy surrounding a sex toy in the 2019 edition, technological sex toys were highlighted during CES 2020 . The technology fair, held in Las Vegas, expanded its operations in the sector and opened space for companies that present products aimed at sexual health and well-being. Featured are products for personal satisfaction such as innovative massagers, stimulators and devices with vibrating activities

In addition, manufacturers also brought to the fair solutions for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions, such as an adhesive that delays premature ejaculation and a sexual activity training system, also developed for men. The Cirilla’s prepared a list with six sex toys that stood out during CES 2020. Follow in the following lines.

The brand Lora Dicarlo took two sexual massagers to the fair. The Onda model has a curved shape and reproduces robotic movements that stimulate the G-spot. The device does not work as a vibrator. Instead, it has an internal system that offers back and forth movements, which can be controlled by the user for their duration and speed. Baci, another model of the brand, is a clitoral stimulator with suction capable of simulating the movements of oral sex.

The company was involved in a controversy at CES 2019, when it was banned from exposing its first massager,. The model even received the robotics innovation award. However, the Consumer technology Association – organizer of the event – claimed that sex toys were banned at the fair and revoked the award. Months later, assuming the mistake, CTA reestablished the award and released the participation of some similar ones in the 2020 edition.