What is the perfect vibrator? Meet 10 erotic toys and find out which one is best for you

In times of pandemic , sex went into stand-by mode for many people using different types of  vibrator. Among couples, there are those who are looking for alternatives to give up on the relationship between two. And, for single women, there is no denying that the period is of scarcity, since social distance is still the indication of health agencies.   But, how about seeing this atypical moment as an invitation to self-knowledge? That’s where masturbation and erotic products sold in sex shops come in – welcome help to leave this moment alone even more pleasurable.

And those who do not usually use erotic toys are probably in doubt when they enter the stores’ websites. After all, there are hundreds of products with dozens of functions and specifications. In the last decade, the industry of the branch has turned even more to the options for the feminine pleasure , and the result are items for all pockets and that offer different sensations.

We achieved sexual freedom a long time ago, but the industry has not always understood this. The great success of the market in recent years was to think about the packaging, the names of the products, the colors. You see vibrators of almost a thousand reais, of gold, diamond. It brings a refinement to sexuality. The sex toy is almost a jewel for women, and it gives a lot of pleasure, says sexologist Cirilla’s, who teaches courses in the area and talks about the topic on Cirilla’s web shop.

The specialist believes that the pandemic has become an invitation to self-care and that many women have decided to experience new sensations in confinement – with or without partners. It is not by chance that the sex shops point to an increase in sales since the arrival of the coronavirus, according to a survey conducted by Donna in establishments in the industry.

– I see two fronts. People who are alone, dying of hunger and cannot find people, and those who are already married, have relationships, live together with someone and are reinventing the relationship.

How to choose the perfect  sex toy and vibrator?

If you are going to take the first steps in the erotic universe, that’s indicates to start with a lighter footprint. From lubricant to stimulate masturbation to an exciting one to have new sensations, or even the massage gel and candle, great options to use together.

– You can start with the vibrators too, which I think is what the people are looking for the most. I always recommend starting with cosmetics or a vibrating capsule to get that feeling of what is pleasurable, how is that vibration, what you feel when you put a vibrator in the intimate region.

Another tip is to know how much you are willing to spend. There are products of all values, so it is important to have an established price range. And, even if you want to invest less money, be warned: do not give up the hand of origin. Look for reliable sites, serious sex toys shops and quality brands.

You also need to keep in mind if you want to use the product alone, accompanied, or for both situations. If used together, have you talked to your partner about the use? Sometimes, it is a big taboo in the relationship, especially in the straight ones. Many men find it difficult to accept sex shop products.

And don’t forget: what works for you may not bring your partner to orgasm. Each body is a body, and the wide catalog of toys tries to encompass precisely this diversity of pleasure. That is why it is important to experiment, highlights owner of the Cirilla’s Sex.

There is no ideal model. What exists is that model that you look at and identify with. It will depend a lot on what you want, what you are looking for. It may be that you are getting to know each other, that you may never have had an orgasm, as well as you are already very familiar with the toys and want to vary.

What is the best erotic product for you?

The  Cirilla’s  web shop  recommend sex toys  products that offer different experiences. Find out which item is right for you below:

Satisfier Pro Plus Vibration

This clitoral sucker is the sensation of the moment for its elegance and, mainly, for the differential it delivers: it is waterproof and gives the perfect option for that intimate bath exploring our curves. After all, many women want to experience oral sex and, for us, this is a skill that men leave a lot to be desired. This toy guarantees the pleasure and the elevation of the woman’s sexual self-esteem. ”

Pretty Love G Spot

“This Ponto G vibrator with wave relief and clitoral stimulator offers double pleasure for women. It is for those who seek new experiences alone or in their relationship. It is worth trying!”

Sense vibe Plus

“Our best-selling product. It is a suction vibrator, very intense and powerful, that makes women reach orgasm in up to three minutes. It has pressure and suction waves, that is, it is not as if someone is sucking the clitoris, it is more subtle and delicate. It has 11 variations of intensity, and the bottom part also vibrates, and can be used for penetration. The sensation is of a very intense orgasm. Through the suction vibrator “.

Sense vibe Rabbit

This vibrator will stimulate penetration in the vaginal canal for women who enjoy the stimulus inside the canal, but it will also vibrate on the outside of the clitoris. This model became very famous with the Sex and the City series and, since then, it has been a fever in sex shops. For women who want to discover their pleasure alone at home, he does everything. This model controls the engines separately and the top has the function of rotation. It is a complete vibrator, rechargeable and water resistant “.

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8 sex toys that every woman should try at least once in her life

Without exaggeration: using an erotic toy is one of the healthiest attitudes that a woman can take in favor of her sexuality. The Cirilla’s sex toys allow a wider and real knowledge of the body, easily help to reach orgasm, can combat the dryness and vaginal laxity and used the two make sex more spicy and fun. There is a huge range of options in any sex shop, but the basic list of unmissable products, regardless of whether you are an expert or a beginner in the subject, has the following items:


Bullet-shaped, hence its name is the basic item for any woman who wants to venture into the delicious universe of sex toys. First, because its purpose is not penetration – in fact, due to its small size, it should not be done at all. It is an ideal vibrating capsule for masturbation , since it stimulates the clitoris, or to explore the erogenous zones, alone or accompanied. There are different models, always discreet, with different possibilities of vibration and rhythm.


Despite being the most popular sex toys , many women have never tried it. They can be used to stimulate the clitoris, the vagina, the G-spot, the anus and also help with penile stimulation. There are several models: with remote control, those that stimulate the clitoris and the vagina simultaneously, small, large, colorful, curved, etc.

The most advisable material is silicone, which is softer and easier to clean. More than a tool for women’s self-knowledge and empowerment, the vibrator also helps to stimulate the woman’s natural lubrication, an excellent health benefit – especially in menopause and menopause, when many begin to complain of dryness.

Cock ring

Who should use it, obviously, is the man, but the benefits of this erotic accessory are for the couple. When fitted well at the base of the penis, the ring helps to prolong the erection . Silicone ones are the most indicated for their softness and flexibility, in addition to allowing easy placement. Most models have textures, which helps to stimulate women. However, there are versions that have a micro vibrator attached that further increases the excitement in the clitoris and, of course, the chance of an orgasm.

Weights or sex toys balls for pompoirism

sext toys

Although they have an erotic bias – you can introduce them in the vagina and ask the partner to pull slowly – the little balls or balls are for the woman to exercise the contractions of the muscles of the vagina and perineum. In addition to stimulating genital perception, this intimate gymnastics helps strengthen the vaginal muscles, improve urination and bowel control, and even prevent and treat urinary incontinence and genital prolapses.

Clitoral sucker

The battery works and, as the name implies, vibrates and makes suction movements on the clitoris , leading to a very intense orgasm. There are several models with delicate and soft texture – some even simulate the experience of receiving oral sex.

Tongue cover

Silicone and with textures, it is to be used by the couple and promotes a differentiated oral sex . To make the experience even hotter, the proposal is to use some gel with a hot or ice effect.

Anal plug

Can be used in masturbation and foreplay. It is suitable for beginners who want to get used to the stimulus in the region before actually starting to practice anal sex. Anatomically shaped and soft material, the plug has a ring on the base to prevent accidents.

Couple vibrator

Models like We-Vibe and Partner Whale are great for adding extra spice to sex – and also a good strategy for convincing more shy partners to lose their fear or shame about enjoying a sex toys.

They have a “C” shape and fit perfectly in the vagina, allowing penetration at the same time. Ergonomic, they are also designed to stimulate the G-spot, the clitoris and the penis simultaneously.