Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person For Women

Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person For Women

If you’re looking for some dating tips, look no further because you’ve come to the right place! Our article will supply you with all the tips you need to find the right person. So read on and find out how to find the man for you!

They Are True To Their Word

One of the biggest red flags you can see in your potential partner is their inability to stay true to follow what they say. People in love tend to make grand promises to impress their partner and then not fulfill them. This might not impact you much at the beginning of a relationship, but later on, when things get more serious, this flaw can cause a headache.

You can check whether your partner is true to their word if you see that they’re constantly doing what they’ve told you they’d do over a number of dates. They’ll try hard not only to impress you but to make you feel good with their actions.

They Aren’t Pretentious

If you want to find a partner that you’ll share a meaningful connection with, you need to make sure they are clear of any pretensions. To find out about this, you need to go on a few dates with them and decide for yourself whether they’re being honest or not. Ask yourself: are they trying to be something they’re not to impress you? Are they feeling good about themselves?

The man you’re dating might give you an impression that he’s a successful businessman, while actually, he’s a man-child with acting talent, living in his parents’ basement.

They Believe in Equality

Don’t want to be stuck doing dishes and making sandwiches for the rest of your life? If so, you need to give your best to find a partner who believes in equality. Although you might think these people are rare, I have to remind you that we’re living in an age where people slowly but surely forget about traditional gender roles.

But it’s not just about the dishes or sandwiches–a man who doesn’t believe in equality will act like a douche towards other women in your life and generally give off a bad vibe. That’s why you should come up with various scenarios and ask them what they think about gender roles in them. Their response should be more than sufficient to tell you whether they believe in equality.

They Treat the Waiters Well

I know this might seem like an odd one but bear with me. When you go out on a date, pay close attention to how they’re acting towards the waiter. Observe their behavior and judge them accordingly, as that’s one of your best chances to see whether your potential partner is good with people. If he’s being rude, it’s likely that he wants to achieve power-play, which is a huge red flag. See whether he’s flirting with the waitress and trying to be charming, etc. Also, if your partner creates an uproar over a cold tea and refuses to tip the waiter, don’t look back; you deserve better.

There Is Mutual Respect Between You

One of the clearest signs that you should be with someone is if they’re showing you some respect. Everyone will act with reverence towards someone they love or are really into. Don’t forget that respect is as important as love and concern, and having mutual respect with your partner is crucial for any healthy relationship. You also need to remember that respect isn’t just holding the door open for you or not going through your phone–those are manners. Respect is about them believing in you, helping you make the right decisions, involving you in their life, etc.

They Are Genuinely Interested In You

When you’re looking to date someone, you need to watch out whether they are genuinely interested in you or they’re just trying to impress you so they can get laid. An interested person is a person who listens to your stories, asks you questions about them, and is happy to hear your words. If someone asks you questions about your paychecks, past relationships, etc., it’s time to move on and find a better partner.

They Aren’t a Miser nor a Spendthrift

Finances are one of the most important factors in our lives. Stressing over them can ruin your relationship and well-being, so you need to find someone who is neither a miser nor a spendthrift. You should find your date’s spending habits and try to see if they’re an extreme shopper, materialist, or don’t want to spend a dime on anything. If you go out with someone and he puts on an act when the check comes and pretends they can’t pay it, move on.

They Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

This one is obvious, but if someone shows up smelly or with a bad breath on a few consecutive dates, it’s time for you to rethink your choice. Maintaining clean clothes and taking care of personal hygiene takes zero to little effort. If someone can’t even take care of that, how do you think they’ll care about you? These people won’t give a damn about trying hard for your relationship, and they’ll constantly slack.

They Can Say ‘Sorry’

There’s a reason Elton John said, ‘sorry seems to be the hardest word.’ If the person you’re dating can’t admit they are in the wrong, you’re looking at a red flag. That means they’ll never say sorry, it also means that they’re less likely to forgive you when you make a mistake, and you don’t want that. You don’t want to be with a partner who’s not understanding or compassionate.

They Aren’t Reckless

Don’t want to end up in a toxic relationship? Avoid dating reckless people. Observe how your partner drives and the decisions he makes, and most importantly, they don’t get in tough situations because of their actions.

They Aren’t Clingy

Caring for someone is one thing, but texting them all day long to see if they’re okay isn’t. You don’t want to be someone who is clingy and who’ll call you 20 times during the day to check on you. People like this often end up in controlling relationships, which are super toxic and can put a serious strain on your nervous system. If the person you’re dating has a job and obligations in his life, it’s less likely they’ll have time to dedicate to you. People with no obligations will have all the time in the world to dedicate to you, and that can be overwhelming.

They Don’t Critique You Too Much

Being critiqued by your romantic partner is one of the best ways you can improve, but being overly criticized for everything you do isn’t. Believe it or not, this can be detected in the person you’re dating during the first few dates, but many people forget about it. Simply pay attention to your date’s reactions to your actions, and you’ll get half the job done!

They Aren’t Addicted To Anything

Don’t want to end up being with someone who will abuse you or act like a toxic douchebag towards you? Beware of their addictions! Check whether they are addicted to something, whether gambling or porn. This is one of the most crucial red flags you need to watch out for as you don’t want to end in a codependent relationship.

Spending Time Together With Them Doesn’t Feel Like a Chore

If you want to have a healthy relationship, you want to be with someone with whom spending time together doesn’t feel like a chore. This might be obvious, but many women out there fall into the trap of thinking that things are going to be better down the line when they start feeling anxious about going out with their partners. If this happens to you, give it some time, and if nothing changes, it’s time to move on.

They Make You Laugh

No matter how perfect someone is, you need someone who can make you laugh. If someone is rich, handsome, well-built, etc., but doesn’t make you laugh, what good are his qualities if you’re looking to spend some time with him?

They Are Willing to Change

A healthy partner is a partner who’s willing to change, not for you, but for themselves, which will, in turn, lead your relationship to be better. If you spend some time together with someone and they’re still the same person as on the day you met them, think twice.

They Are Willing To Communicate

Last but not least, you need to find a partner who’s willing to communicate. They need to be willing to listen to you and then put your words into action. But this goes for you as well. If you want a healthy relationship, you’ll need to listen carefully to your partner, their needs, desires, plans, etc.


Of course, there isn’t a perfect partner for you, and these are only some guidelines that we’ve selected to help you find the right man. Hopefully, these tips will give you a brief outline of what to look for in a man, and hopefully, you will end up in a healthy relationship!

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9 Key Tips For Having An Ultimate Sexual Experience

9 Key Tips For Having An Ultimate Sexual Experience

Sex –you love it, don’t you? Well, you’re not alone. People love it. How else did the human population hit the 6 billion mark? And guess what…people are still having more and more sex. Forget about what some studies say. Truth is, humans will always have sex. Like anything else though, sex becomes stale after a while. It either becomes monotonous or you just don’t enjoy it as much as you did the first time you discovered it. But…wait a second. It is a problem that 100% fixable. It turns out you can actually revamp your sex life for the better. Wondering how? The following tips will make it easy for you to have the ultimate sexual experience. The kind you only hear about…or watch on porn sites. Read on to learn more. 

It Starts With You

It Starts With You

Sounds strange but it is really, the first step towards a great sex life. Think about it this way – you’re the only one who understands your body. You know what feels good and what doesn’t. You know your weak spots and nearly all the major erogenous zones. This is powerful information. It is therefore, strange and somewhat ridiculous to expect your partner to figure out how to please you in bed. The best your partner can do is to go for the obvious basics like playing with your genitals a little bit before intercourse – yeah, foreplay as many people understand it. From then on, everything becomes bland for your partner unless you give them the cue.

You don’t need anyone to tell you what feels good for you. You can and should actually do it yourself. You already know how to go about it – touch yourself! It is fun and yeah, it is a learning process for you. Sure, studies say that masturbation isn’t really good. That’s right – too much of it is bad. A little however, goes a long way. Notably, recent studies actually indicate that touching yourself makes you want more sex. 



Sex isn’t meant to be quiet. It isn’t meant to be too loud either. Be moderate with the noise. Then by all means, give your partner the cue that you’re having a good time. Don’t be shy to moan if it feels good. Don’t be too timid to implore ‘Harder!’ or ‘Like that baby’. That way, you’ll psyche up your partner to keep on doing what they’re doing. Note that you should talk even when you’re using toys like the strap on dildo. 



You hear about sex toys all the time. Your friends talk about them. You then wonder how and why they are such a big deal. Well, they actually are. They can change your sex life for the better. Before then though, you need to first liberalize your mind. Let lose any misconceptions and conservative views you have about sex toys. You’re already familiar with some of the misconceptions – le wand vibrators are for perverts or religion abhors use of sex toys. 

You’re probably wondering why you should first do away with the misconceptions. It is simple. You could use toys with a lot of scepticism and ‘unwillingness’. Now that’s a bad state of mind for sex. The last thing you want to do is engage in a sexual activity with a guilty or hampered mind. Once you do it with a free mind, then nothing can hold you back. 

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Why use lube? Hold up, the right question should be – why not use lube? It is really a must have for anyone who wants to up their sex life. Note that it doesn’t matter what kind of sex you have in mind. Whether all you want to do is play with autoblow 2.0 or wand vibrator, lube up. You can never go wrong with lube. 

There are two main types of lube in the market. It doesn’t matter the brands you’ll come across. Ultimately, the lube world boils down to two options – water based lube and silicone based lube. 

Water based lubes stand out as ideal for many reasons. For starters, you can use water based lube if you have sensitive skin. That means you won’t have to worry about the sensitive anal, penile and vaginal sin. There’s also the fact that water based lube can be used alongside sex toys and condoms.  As for cleaning, water based lubes score high. They don’t stain linen. They are also easy to clean off sheets. The only downside with water based lubes is you can’t use them for naughty water sports of shower sex. They wash off way too easily. If you’re going for marathon sex, you already know the alternative…silicone.

You’ll love silicone based lube solely because it stays on the skin longer. You don’t have to reapply it so many times. A little here literally goes a long way. The only catch here is that silicone based lube doesn’t wash off easily. You will need huge amounts of soap and water to wash it off. You may also have to soak your bed sheet in bleach for hours because silicone lube stains hardly ever fade. 

Avoid using silicone based lubes with silicone based sex toys. That’s because silicone on silicone cause friction with time. Silicone also breaks down rubber. That’s why water based lube is ideal for just about any sex toy. This doesn’t mean in any way that all sex toys are and should be off limits when it comes to silicone based lubes. Sex toys made of glass, steel, hard plastic and glass augur well with silicone based lube. 

(A very important word of caution here – never spill silicone based lube on the floor – especially hardwood floors. It’ll stain the floor and leave it slippery for weeks or even months)

Environment Matters

Environment Matters

Ever wondered why 5 star hotels decorate rooms with flower petals and scented candles during Valentines? They then go a step further to spice up lighting. You spend a night there and wake up wondering what the magic was. There’s no magic. The trick is all about making the place where you’ll get laid a little bit cozzy and fit for the occasion. 

It is easy to relax your mind once you’re in a calm place. That’s exactly why where you have sex should be a cool, relaxed place. Everything should fall in place right from ambience and lighting all the way to the bedding and even what you wear. With a relaxed mind and a cozzy room, you’re already halfway to sexual ecstasy. Be sure to add a dash of some sensual background music. 

It’s All In The Mind

It’s All In The Mind

You’ve heard about this way too many times. It isn’t yet another boring cliché. It is true. Sex is a mind thing. You don’t need to look far to figure out how true this is. You’ve most likely had an experience where you were all geared up for sex then something happened and you quickly lost the urge. On the flipside, you’ve had days go awry only to look at something sexual and feel alive again. 

Forget About Porn

Forget About Porn

Porn will have you think that the best sex ever is where you have your partner moan for hours. Sure, that happens. Note though that even in cases where the porn actors seem to enjoy what they’re doing, that’s the reality for them. It is what works for them. When it comes to you, only you know what works well for you. With that in mind, don’t use porn as the measure of what good sex should look and feel like. 

There’s No Perfection – Laugh, Make Jokes

There’s No Perfection – Laugh, Make Jokes

You know the kind of sex that happens in movies. Two good-looking fellows lay each other. Nothing ever goes wrong. Everything looks and feels right. They kiss well, touch each other well…you know the drill…almost always in slow motion. That’s it…it ends with the movies. 

In real life, something will happen. It’ll either ruin the moment for a while or for hours. It happens. It could be an inadvertent vaginal fart or a muscle pull. It could be the dog or cat jumping on your ass and in the process, leaving it with a scar. It could be anything really. Think of it is a slip. Exhale, stop for a while and laugh it off. Nothing kills off a sexy mood than the pressure to have some kind of Hollywood perfect sex.

Listen To Your Partner

Listen To Your Partner

You’ll enjoy the moaning and everything in between. Focus on the ‘in between’. You know, the ‘Right there baby’ and ‘I’m almost coming, don’t stop’. That’s where the true gem hides. Follow that cue in the middle of the moans. It’s all you need to guide your partner to their true north. 

Wrap Up

Sex is meant be thoroughly enjoyed. It doesn’t matter how boring your sex life feels at the moment. The aforementioned tips can go a long way to help you turn things around. And yeah, you don’t have to spend too much money too much time to improve your sex life. Like you may have noticed, the trick is in simple, doable things.

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Cirilla’s Comprehensive Guide on How To Choose a Sex Toy in 2022

Are you looking to purchase a sex toy to treat yourself or your partner? If you can’t seem to choose the perfect sex toy, don’t worry–you’ve come to the right place! Our article will help you decide on the gadget that will spice your sex game up and make masturbating an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a dildo or a vibrator, keep reading and find out how to choose a sex toy in 2022.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing a Sex Toy

Purchasing a sex toy isn’t a small ordeal, especially since the price ranges from $10 to $200. Nowadays, the selection of sex toys is vast, especially on Cirilla’s. You need to make a correct decision before opting for perfect gadgets. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when purchasing a sex toy:

  • Your budget– Most people are worried about the budget for any new purchases, especially for sex toys, since they can get expensive. You should first deduct your search according to the amount of money you intend to spend. You also shouldn’t look away from the cheaper products, because some of them get the job done as well as the higher-end ones. At the end of the day, you are purchasing a device that will make you or your partner reach otherworldly orgasms, so spending a buck or two more might not even be a bad idea.
  • The intended purpose– Choosing a sex toy isn’t all about the budget because there’s are so many types of these devices that it’s getting ridiculous. Cirilla’s website has a dozen categories only, not counting the sub-categories of sex toys intended for all kinds of purposes. You need to think carefully about what you plan to use your sex toy for. Do you need a sex toy to reach intense orgasms on your own, or do you need a sex toy to masturbate in the shower? Perhaps you would like a sex toy you can bring around on your travels?
  • Who is it for– The next thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a sex toy is who you’re getting it for. Are you getting it for yourself, your partner, your best friend? All of these factors can play a big role in your purchase. There are sex toys on Cirilla’s that make perfect gifts, for example, whereas there are ones that your partner would love, whether you’re in a homosexual or a heterosexual relationship.
  • Skill level– Last but not least, you also need to consider the skill level needed to use a sex toy. Not all of these gadgets can be used by beginners, as some are more advanced and require experience for users.

Different Sex Toy Types

Once you’ve decided who you’re purchasing the sex toy, your budget, the intended purpose, and the overall skill level required, you should go over different sex toy types. Cirilla’s website is full of different models that serve different purposes. Among them, you can find:

  • Vibrators Vibrators are some of our store’s most commonly purchased sex toys. Women love these little gadgets because they allow them to massage their g-spots and other hyper-erogenous areas of their bodies. They come in various shapes and sizes, and you can also find one to fit all budgets, whether you’re planning to spend big bucks. There are also numerous types of vibrators, including:
  • Rabbit vibratorsThese types of vibrators are designed to replicate a phallic shape with added bunny ears added to the side, so you can stimulate both your g-spot and clitoris simultaneously.
  • G-spot vibrators are the most popular type of vibrators; these are insertable in your vagina and can easily massage your g-spot.
  • Petite vibrators– Petite vibrators come in all shapes but small sizes only. They are convenient, and you can travel anywhere you want with them, without worrying they’ll be found.
  • Clit vibrators– Clit vibrators only serve to massage your clit. They are amazing as they focus the vibrations on one spot only, meaning that you’ll be able to cum in no time.
  • Massagers– These vibrators have been around for more than 50 years now. They come in the shape of a wand and have a round-shaped head, which you can press against your clitoris or any other sensitive area of your body to reach a climax.
  • Dildos Everyone and their mothers know about good-old dildos. If you’re looking for a simple sex toy, your go-to gadget. They are usually molded after a big cock and are made from silicone to prevent chafing and irritation. Dildos are also the simplest sex toys to use, and they’re recommended both for beginners and advanced users.
  • Suction toys– Suction sex toys usually stimulate the clitoris by combining air pulse and vibration stimulations. They are more than affordable, and you can find a variety of them in our store. This type of toy surrounds your clitoris with a silicone head and sends pressure wave stimulation and vibrations unlike any other gadget out there.
  • Strap-on dildos Strap-on dildos are dildos with which you can fuck your partner’s brains out. You can attach them to a harness that goes around your waist, and then you can have sex unlike any other in your life before. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they’re usually cheap.
  • Pussy pumps If you’re looking for something more exciting and out of the box, pussy pumps are the perfect sex toys. They usually feature a transparent cup over your vagina and clitoris, which delivers amazing sensations to every inch of your pussy.
  • Sex kits Sex kits are perfect for those who can’t decide on what to get because they come with multiple little gadgets packed in them. With a sex kit, you can either stimulate your clitoris, play with your asshole, or even get a vibrator. These also come with gels, which will make your experience more comfortable and pleasurable.
  • Vibrating panties Vibrating panties are sex toys that provide you with space to play like there’s no tomorrow. Whether you want to wear them in your bedroom or outside your doorstep, you’ll still be cumming hard with them on.
  • Kegel ballsDo you want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles? If so, kegel balls are what you need to get. They’re made of first-class materials that provide 100% safety and comfort to the user. Kegel balls are also simple because all you need to do is insert them into your vagina. You can then go to work, walk, or just go about your day, and they’ll do their magic.

What About Men?

But what about men? They have feelings and needs too! Before concluding this article, I’ll go over some of the most popular sex toys for guys you can find in Cirilla’s store:

  • Male masturbators– Male masturbators are among some of the most popular sex toys for men out there. Guys worldwide love them because of their simplicity, and they can make anyone bust a nut in minutes. These sex toys are usually from high-quality silicone, and all a dude needs to do to jizz with them is to put his dick inside and stroke his shaft. They’re that simple, and they’re that good! Male masturbators are also quite affordable, which means they’re a perfect choice for you if your budget is tight.
  • Blowjob simulators– Is there a guy on this planet who doesn’t love getting blowjobs? That’s why blowjob simulators are the most purchased sex toys for guys in our store. They simulate the feeling of getting head so good that any man can nut hard and fast when masturbating with them. These amazing little devices usually come with an in-built motor, which provides the user with multiple stroking and vibration speeds and patterns.
  • Prostate massagers– Man men out there love getting prostate orgasms, which they can usually achieve with their fingers or a small dildo. If you’re getting a sex toy for a guy who likes reaching these fantastic orgasms, he will love prostate massagers. There are numerous massagers you can choose from; some come from silicone, some come with in-built electric motors and many other features. They are butt-plugs for men but a little bit more advanced.
  • Sex kits– If you’re not sure what your man likes, getting a sex kit for him is the way to go. These are sex-enhancing gadgets that can help any man get hard and maintain an erection for quite a while. They’re also super-fun to use, which means they can be a great tool for foreplay and whatnot.
  • Love dolls– Love dolls, or fuck dolls, as some men out there like to call them, are a perfect gift for any guy that quickly gets bored of masturbating with his own two hands. These either come in full-body versions, torsos or even simply lower body parts, with a gorgeous ass and a tight little pussy.


While it might seem a daunting task at first, choosing a sex toy isn’t as hard as it looks. My best advice for you would be to visit Cirilla’s online store and check out all the different options you have there. Once you stumble upon a sex toy you like that fits your budget and intent, go ahead and add it to your cart. At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with these gadgets because you’ll be cumming like there’s no tomorrow, one way or the other!

Top 4 Sex Toys For Newbies

Top 4 Sex Toys That Are Perfect For Newbies

The ocean of sex toys is isn’t big…it is huge! As such, dipping your toe into ocean for the first time will most likely feel overwhelming. How do you go about it? Should you consider size? How should you clean your toys? How often should you use your new favourite sex toy? Should you get a le wand massager or a clit vibrator? Should your partner get involved as you shop? All these and more are good examples of the questions you’ll grapple with before buying your first ever sex toy. Relax though. You’re not alone. Take solace in the fact that you’re looking for something to treat yourself with. With some tips up your sleeve, you’ll turn out just fine. What’s more, with the right purchases, you can always look forward to great orgasms. Read on to learn more about sex toys before diving into the ocean’s deep end with the pros.

First Things First

Pay attention to a couple of things before spending your money on a sex toy. The most important thing, as you’re about to find out, is the material your desired sex toy is made of. This is especially the case when it comes to strap on dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and just about any sex toy you’ll use for some penetrative action. Why is this important? First off, sex toy safety isn’t regulated. As a result, the market is awash with substandard sex toys often made with porous materials which happen to be the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

To be on the safer side, stick to silicone, glass and stainless steel. They are all non-porous and of course, durable. It gets even better with the fact that they are very easy to disinfect and clean. Take note though that if you opt for silicone based toys, then you have no choice but to avoid absorbent silicone based lubricants. Instead, go for non-absorbent, non-scented water based lubricants.

Take into account other factors too like where you shop for your toy. Like already mentioned, the market is awash with millions of substandard sex toys. Some are outright knock offs while others are simply horrible. They may buzz for one or two days then underperform or break down after a week or two. Your best bet is to therefore, stick to well-known and respected brands. Sex toy stores like have been around for decades. That can only mean one thing for the newbie buyer – they are legit. How else would they have managed to stick around for so long if they were bad at what they do? Be sure to also stick to sex toy brands that have a made a name as reliable and value priced.

Now that you have the basics off your chest, consider the following sex toys. They all stand out as ideal for newbies.

The Sizable Clit Vibrator

The Sizable Clit Vibrator

As far as the clit vibrator is concerned, size isn’t everything. This is especially the case if you’re after a portable option that can easily fit inside a backpack or a purse. The most important thing here is how strong the vibration buzz is. You may also want to go for something discreet. Something you can use with people around you without them suspecting anything. Clit vibrators come in handy for such needs mostly because there are many designed to operate below 30 decibels. They just can’t give you away unless you moan in ecstasy.

Remember that when it comes to clit vibrators, movements play a huge role. Your choice should therefore, guarantee you more than just the usual sensual touch many toys today come along with. Go for a clit vibrator that guarantees swirling motions, deep pressure, stroking motions and tapping motions. 

Speed is yet another factor you should consider. Go for a vibrator with at least 10 speeds. There are tons of vibrator brands that design vibrators complete with 10 different speeds so finding one that you like shouldn’t be a problem. Speed is a huge factor because in many cases, each speed on the vibrator serves a different function. For example, the slowest speed is ideal for foreplay while the fastest and most intensive speed is ideal for climaxing. In between the slowest and the fastest speeds lie other speeds like the slow tapping motion which are good for getting you into the mood.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators

Once again, size shouldn’t be an issue here. Like the name suggests, g-spot vibrators are all about stimulating the g-spot. They therefore, don’t need to be big and conspicuous. They are designed to mimic stroking sensations, so they are perfect for those who wish to explore internal stimulation. For the ultimate experience, go for a g-spot vibrator that guarantees different motions against the vaginal wall. That way, you can be certain of arousal within seconds.

Note that the g-spot vibrators come in different designs. The simplest designs though, happen to be the most effective. For a newbie, go for g-spot vibrators that come complete with some vibrational boost. The vibrational boost guarantees a different kind of experience – some sort of blended orgasm as sex toy experts like to say. Be sure to also go for a g-spot vibrator with at least 10 different stroking speeds.



Take time walk into any brick and mortar sex toy shop. Head over to the dildo isle and as sure as snow falls during winter, you’ll be amazed. Rows upon rows of dick shaped, smooth as well as veiny dildos will leave you bewildered. This will be your first lesson on dildos – that dildos aren’t all about silicone penises you immediately think of when someone talks of dildos. There’s a wold of dildo varieties out there you haven’t explored yet. Still surprised? Here’s another shocker – some dildos aren’t penis shaped at all! The designs vary – some are sleek and smooth while others are textured complete with grooves and bumps.

Remember one thing when shopping for a dildo – they are designed for insertion or if you may, penetrative sex. They also don’t vibrate, unless you go for contemporary dildos designed with vibrating attachments.

Be sure of what you’re looking for before making a purchase. Many newbies in search of clitoral stimulation opt for dildos only to end up getting disappointed. This shouldn’t make you feel bad at all. As strange as it sounds, anything is possible in the world of sex toys. It all boils down to how creative you are. You got a dildo when all you wanted is an intense orgasm. So what? You can make the most out of what you got and end up falling in love with it. You can use your dildo as you rub your clit with a vibrator. If you end up with a vibrating dildo, then find an angle that makes it easy for you to hit your g-spot as well as your clit at the same time.

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs

There’s a lot of confusion and misconception around butt plugs. First off, many people assume that butt plugs are for people who enjoy anal sex. Your anus is loaded with nerves, making it one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It comes along with lots of pleasure potential. Now just because you use or you crave for butt plugs doesn’t mean you should have anal sex. Feel free to use a butt plug as you go about any sexual act regardless of your sexuality.

Think of butt plugs as great additions to oral sex or dry humping. They are ideal during penetrative sex if you enjoy the sensation that comes along with feeling stuffed or full. Keep in mind that the vaginal and anal canals are separated by a thin skin. Aptly put, the canals are next door neighbours. Put in a butt plug in the anal chamber and the plug significantly deceases vaginal canal’s width. This makes it very very easy for your partner to hit the g-spot. The feeling gets even better where a penis is involved during shafting.



The lube is of course, not a sex toy. Make no mistake though. For any sex toy you go for, always but some lube. Be sure to always go for water based lubes. They are safer and healthier compared to silicone based lubes solely because they are non-absorbent. You’ll be applying the lube on very sensitive anal and vaginal surfaces. The skin around these areas aren’t just sensitive. They are also extremely absorbent. Silicone based lubes maybe ideal for those who want action for hours as they don’t dry as fast as water based lubes. You have to clean up immediately after sex though. Either way, use copious amounts of lube. The more slippery the better.

Wrap Up

Sex toys come in all forms of shapes, designs and even colors. You may have a hard time choosing one if you’re a newbie. Like you may have already learnt by now, there’s some learning curve when it comes to sex toys. To make the whole shopping task easy, figure out what kind of sensation you want. From then on, it can be easy for you to pick a toy that tickles your fancy and tips you over the edge straight into ecstasy.

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What is the perfect vibrator? Meet 10 erotic toys and find out which one is best for you

In times of pandemic , sex went into stand-by mode for many people using different types of  vibrator. Among couples, there are those who are looking for alternatives to give up on the relationship between two. And, for single women, there is no denying that the period is of scarcity, since social distance is still the indication of health agencies.   But, how about seeing this atypical moment as an invitation to self-knowledge? That’s where masturbation and erotic products sold in sex shops come in – welcome help to leave this moment alone even more pleasurable.

And those who do not usually use erotic toys are probably in doubt when they enter the stores’ websites. After all, there are hundreds of products with dozens of functions and specifications. In the last decade, the industry of the branch has turned even more to the options for the feminine pleasure , and the result are items for all pockets and that offer different sensations.

We achieved sexual freedom a long time ago, but the industry has not always understood this. The great success of the market in recent years was to think about the packaging, the names of the products, the colors. You see vibrators of almost a thousand reais, of gold, diamond. It brings a refinement to sexuality. The sex toy is almost a jewel for women, and it gives a lot of pleasure, says sexologist Cirilla’s, who teaches courses in the area and talks about the topic on Cirilla’s web shop.

The specialist believes that the pandemic has become an invitation to self-care and that many women have decided to experience new sensations in confinement – with or without partners. It is not by chance that the sex shops point to an increase in sales since the arrival of the coronavirus, according to a survey conducted by Donna in establishments in the industry.

– I see two fronts. People who are alone, dying of hunger and cannot find people, and those who are already married, have relationships, live together with someone and are reinventing the relationship.

How to choose the perfect  sex toy and vibrator?

If you are going to take the first steps in the erotic universe, that’s indicates to start with a lighter footprint. From lubricant to stimulate masturbation to an exciting one to have new sensations, or even the massage gel and candle, great options to use together.

– You can start with the vibrators too, which I think is what the people are looking for the most. I always recommend starting with cosmetics or a vibrating capsule to get that feeling of what is pleasurable, how is that vibration, what you feel when you put a vibrator in the intimate region.

Another tip is to know how much you are willing to spend. There are products of all values, so it is important to have an established price range. And, even if you want to invest less money, be warned: do not give up the hand of origin. Look for reliable sites, serious sex toys shops and quality brands.

You also need to keep in mind if you want to use the product alone, accompanied, or for both situations. If used together, have you talked to your partner about the use? Sometimes, it is a big taboo in the relationship, especially in the straight ones. Many men find it difficult to accept sex shop products.

And don’t forget: what works for you may not bring your partner to orgasm. Each body is a body, and the wide catalog of toys tries to encompass precisely this diversity of pleasure. That is why it is important to experiment, highlights owner of the Cirilla’s Sex.

There is no ideal model. What exists is that model that you look at and identify with. It will depend a lot on what you want, what you are looking for. It may be that you are getting to know each other, that you may never have had an orgasm, as well as you are already very familiar with the toys and want to vary.

What is the best erotic product for you?

The  Cirilla’s  web shop  recommend sex toys  products that offer different experiences. Find out which item is right for you below:

Satisfier Pro Plus Vibration

This clitoral sucker is the sensation of the moment for its elegance and, mainly, for the differential it delivers: it is waterproof and gives the perfect option for that intimate bath exploring our curves. After all, many women want to experience oral sex and, for us, this is a skill that men leave a lot to be desired. This toy guarantees the pleasure and the elevation of the woman’s sexual self-esteem. ”

Pretty Love G Spot

“This Ponto G vibrator with wave relief and clitoral stimulator offers double pleasure for women. It is for those who seek new experiences alone or in their relationship. It is worth trying!”

Sense vibe Plus

“Our best-selling product. It is a suction vibrator, very intense and powerful, that makes women reach orgasm in up to three minutes. It has pressure and suction waves, that is, it is not as if someone is sucking the clitoris, it is more subtle and delicate. It has 11 variations of intensity, and the bottom part also vibrates, and can be used for penetration. The sensation is of a very intense orgasm. Through the suction vibrator “.

Sense vibe Rabbit

This vibrator will stimulate penetration in the vaginal canal for women who enjoy the stimulus inside the canal, but it will also vibrate on the outside of the clitoris. This model became very famous with the Sex and the City series and, since then, it has been a fever in sex shops. For women who want to discover their pleasure alone at home, he does everything. This model controls the engines separately and the top has the function of rotation. It is a complete vibrator, rechargeable and water resistant “.

sex toys

8 sex toys that every woman should try at least once in her life

Without exaggeration: using an erotic toy is one of the healthiest attitudes that a woman can take in favor of her sexuality. The Cirilla’s sex toys allow a wider and real knowledge of the body, easily help to reach orgasm, can combat the dryness and vaginal laxity and used the two make sex more spicy and fun. There is a huge range of options in any sex shop, but the basic list of unmissable products, regardless of whether you are an expert or a beginner in the subject, has the following items:


Bullet-shaped, hence its name is the basic item for any woman who wants to venture into the delicious universe of sex toys. First, because its purpose is not penetration – in fact, due to its small size, it should not be done at all. It is an ideal vibrating capsule for masturbation , since it stimulates the clitoris, or to explore the erogenous zones, alone or accompanied. There are different models, always discreet, with different possibilities of vibration and rhythm.


Despite being the most popular sex toys , many women have never tried it. They can be used to stimulate the clitoris, the vagina, the G-spot, the anus and also help with penile stimulation. There are several models: with remote control, those that stimulate the clitoris and the vagina simultaneously, small, large, colorful, curved, etc.

The most advisable material is silicone, which is softer and easier to clean. More than a tool for women’s self-knowledge and empowerment, the vibrator also helps to stimulate the woman’s natural lubrication, an excellent health benefit – especially in menopause and menopause, when many begin to complain of dryness.

Cock ring

Who should use it, obviously, is the man, but the benefits of this erotic accessory are for the couple. When fitted well at the base of the penis, the ring helps to prolong the erection . Silicone ones are the most indicated for their softness and flexibility, in addition to allowing easy placement. Most models have textures, which helps to stimulate women. However, there are versions that have a micro vibrator attached that further increases the excitement in the clitoris and, of course, the chance of an orgasm.

Weights or sex toys balls for pompoirism

sext toys

Although they have an erotic bias – you can introduce them in the vagina and ask the partner to pull slowly – the little balls or balls are for the woman to exercise the contractions of the muscles of the vagina and perineum. In addition to stimulating genital perception, this intimate gymnastics helps strengthen the vaginal muscles, improve urination and bowel control, and even prevent and treat urinary incontinence and genital prolapses.

Clitoral sucker

The battery works and, as the name implies, vibrates and makes suction movements on the clitoris , leading to a very intense orgasm. There are several models with delicate and soft texture – some even simulate the experience of receiving oral sex.

Tongue cover

Silicone and with textures, it is to be used by the couple and promotes a differentiated oral sex . To make the experience even hotter, the proposal is to use some gel with a hot or ice effect.

Anal plug

Can be used in masturbation and foreplay. It is suitable for beginners who want to get used to the stimulus in the region before actually starting to practice anal sex. Anatomically shaped and soft material, the plug has a ring on the base to prevent accidents.

Couple vibrator

Models like We-Vibe and Partner Whale are great for adding extra spice to sex – and also a good strategy for convincing more shy partners to lose their fear or shame about enjoying a sex toys.

They have a “C” shape and fit perfectly in the vagina, allowing penetration at the same time. Ergonomic, they are also designed to stimulate the G-spot, the clitoris and the penis simultaneously.