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Top 5 Rabbit Vibrators under $40 you can buy on Cirilla’s store

Girls get lonely too, and if there’s no one around to satisfy them, they have to do something about their urges. Sure, using the good old fingers would do the trick, but why should they stick to the old means of satisfaction when there are so many sex toys out there that could provide them with satisfaction unlike ever before?

Who knows how many sex toys are in existence already, but conventional dildos and similar toys don’t even come close to some of the more modern ones that are battery-operated. Instead of pleasuring yourself with these toys, you could get yourself one of the toys that only need to be turned on, and they will do the rest of the job instead of you. Again, so many vibrators are available for girls, but if you are on the budget or simply don’t want to spend too much money on a replacement for a dick, we bring you something that will undoubtedly get your attention!

Cirilla’s store brings you one step closer to hundreds of sex toys that are made both for guys and girls, but today, we’ll focus on rabbit vibrators that can be purchased for under $40. Let’s be honest, this much money won’t make a big hole in your wallet, but if you invest it right, in one of the rabbit vibrators, for example, you could make your life much better than you ever imagined!

You can forget about all those lonely nights when you were thinking about your boyfriend or husband while touching yourself because one of these five rabbit vibrators will put your mind at ease and help you forget about all the problems you might have at the moment!

Magic Dancer Vibrator

If you think about it, this magic vibrator will dance all over your pussy, and clit, but it will provide you with a lot more pleasure than any type of dance could! This excellent sex toy comes only in purple, but the color of this toy is not the thing you should focus on. Instead, you should pay attention to two motors with one purpose: to stimulate your G spot and clitoris simultaneously. Not only is this rabbit vibrator responsible for helping you reach orgasms unlike ever before, but it also comes with three working speeds for increased pleasure.

Thanks to the multiple functions this vibrator has, you can please yourself better than you ever could. The toy is made from body-safe material, so you won’t have to worry about anything while using it on yourself. With just one button, you will turn on the toy, which will make your legs shake in a matter of minutes. If that doesn’t make you get yourself this toy right away, then the price of only $34 might change your mind. With one single purchase, the Magic Dancer Vibrator can be yours, and it comes with a warranty that covers any damages in a period of one year!

Firefly Glow-In-The-Dark Thumper Rabbit Vibrator

Even though we care only about one thing when it comes to masturbation, the fact that your new rabbit vibrator glows in the dark raises some eyebrows! Imagine rubbing your clit with a vibrating sex toy that glows between your legs. It indeed makes the experience unforgettable, but that’s not the only thing that makes this toy unique!

This rabbit vibrator comes with a realistic head and a thrusting shaft that will make your orgasm even more intense. It comes only in pink, which looks even better when it starts glowing in the dark. Instead of satisfying yourself with the more traditional sex toys, you could treat yourself with this firefly glow-in-the-dark thumper rabbit vibrator that will cost you no more than $37!

B Yours Beginner’s Bunny Vibrator

The name of this vibrator might throw you off a bit, but we can tell you that it’s far better than something a beginner would use! Any woman who is interested in pleasing herself with a smaller rabbit should stop and take a closer look at this vibrator that comes with multiple rows of rotating beads. Every function is controlled by the sliding controller that can be found on the side of the vibrator, but that is not all!

Rotating beads on this rabbit vibrator will undoubtedly make the experience more enjoyable, but the rabbit ears will make it even better! They will perfectly hug your clit, and thanks to the other sliding controller, you will be able to satisfy yourself like never before. All this can be yours for $33, so you better hurry up and get yourself one of these bunny vibrators because they go out of stock faster than you can imagine!

Waterproof Bathtime Bunny Vibrator

Taking a long soapy bath sounds interesting, but did you know it could get even better? Many girls masturbate while lying in the bathtub, but one of the best products from Cirilla’s store will make that even better! Instead of touching yourself with nothing but your hands, you could treat yourself with a waterproof bathtime bunny vibrator and make all those long baths much more enjoyable than ever before!

This battery-operated sex toy will work its magic on your clit and vagina, and all it requires are two AA batteries. You can get yourself this waterproof sex toy while it’s still in stock for no more than $29, and you can thank us later when this sex toy makes it hard for you to get out of the bathtub!

Petite Jack Rabbit

If you ever want to make sure your vibrator functions correctly while it’s working its magic on your private parts, the petite jack rabbit is your perfect choice. This sex toy comes with a soft head and bunny ears that will tease you while the non-jamming beads make you shake like never before!

With the easy-to-use controls, you can change the speed and pick one of the three that will provide you with the maximum pleasure. This toy will set you back only $39, and how much it will cost you to get three AAA batteries, but after that, you will be ready for hours of unforgettable fun!

If you felt intrigued by the five toys from Cirilla’s store we’ve just listed, make sure you check out the rest of the items they offer because you might come across something even better that people are going crazy about!