Top 4 Sex Toys For Newbies

Top 4 Sex Toys That Are Perfect For Newbies

The ocean of sex toys is isn’t big…it is huge! As such, dipping your toe into ocean for the first time will most likely feel overwhelming. How do you go about it? Should you consider size? How should you clean your toys? How often should you use your new favourite sex toy? Should you get a le wand massager or a clit vibrator? Should your partner get involved as you shop? All these and more are good examples of the questions you’ll grapple with before buying your first ever sex toy. Relax though. You’re not alone. Take solace in the fact that you’re looking for something to treat yourself with. With some tips up your sleeve, you’ll turn out just fine. What’s more, with the right purchases, you can always look forward to great orgasms. Read on to learn more about sex toys before diving into the ocean’s deep end with the pros.

First Things First

Pay attention to a couple of things before spending your money on a sex toy. The most important thing, as you’re about to find out, is the material your desired sex toy is made of. This is especially the case when it comes to strap on dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and just about any sex toy you’ll use for some penetrative action. Why is this important? First off, sex toy safety isn’t regulated. As a result, the market is awash with substandard sex toys often made with porous materials which happen to be the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

To be on the safer side, stick to silicone, glass and stainless steel. They are all non-porous and of course, durable. It gets even better with the fact that they are very easy to disinfect and clean. Take note though that if you opt for silicone based toys, then you have no choice but to avoid absorbent silicone based lubricants. Instead, go for non-absorbent, non-scented water based lubricants.

Take into account other factors too like where you shop for your toy. Like already mentioned, the market is awash with millions of substandard sex toys. Some are outright knock offs while others are simply horrible. They may buzz for one or two days then underperform or break down after a week or two. Your best bet is to therefore, stick to well-known and respected brands. Sex toy stores like have been around for decades. That can only mean one thing for the newbie buyer – they are legit. How else would they have managed to stick around for so long if they were bad at what they do? Be sure to also stick to sex toy brands that have a made a name as reliable and value priced.

Now that you have the basics off your chest, consider the following sex toys. They all stand out as ideal for newbies.

The Sizable Clit Vibrator

The Sizable Clit Vibrator

As far as the clit vibrator is concerned, size isn’t everything. This is especially the case if you’re after a portable option that can easily fit inside a backpack or a purse. The most important thing here is how strong the vibration buzz is. You may also want to go for something discreet. Something you can use with people around you without them suspecting anything. Clit vibrators come in handy for such needs mostly because there are many designed to operate below 30 decibels. They just can’t give you away unless you moan in ecstasy.

Remember that when it comes to clit vibrators, movements play a huge role. Your choice should therefore, guarantee you more than just the usual sensual touch many toys today come along with. Go for a clit vibrator that guarantees swirling motions, deep pressure, stroking motions and tapping motions. 

Speed is yet another factor you should consider. Go for a vibrator with at least 10 speeds. There are tons of vibrator brands that design vibrators complete with 10 different speeds so finding one that you like shouldn’t be a problem. Speed is a huge factor because in many cases, each speed on the vibrator serves a different function. For example, the slowest speed is ideal for foreplay while the fastest and most intensive speed is ideal for climaxing. In between the slowest and the fastest speeds lie other speeds like the slow tapping motion which are good for getting you into the mood.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators

Once again, size shouldn’t be an issue here. Like the name suggests, g-spot vibrators are all about stimulating the g-spot. They therefore, don’t need to be big and conspicuous. They are designed to mimic stroking sensations, so they are perfect for those who wish to explore internal stimulation. For the ultimate experience, go for a g-spot vibrator that guarantees different motions against the vaginal wall. That way, you can be certain of arousal within seconds.

Note that the g-spot vibrators come in different designs. The simplest designs though, happen to be the most effective. For a newbie, go for g-spot vibrators that come complete with some vibrational boost. The vibrational boost guarantees a different kind of experience – some sort of blended orgasm as sex toy experts like to say. Be sure to also go for a g-spot vibrator with at least 10 different stroking speeds.



Take time walk into any brick and mortar sex toy shop. Head over to the dildo isle and as sure as snow falls during winter, you’ll be amazed. Rows upon rows of dick shaped, smooth as well as veiny dildos will leave you bewildered. This will be your first lesson on dildos – that dildos aren’t all about silicone penises you immediately think of when someone talks of dildos. There’s a wold of dildo varieties out there you haven’t explored yet. Still surprised? Here’s another shocker – some dildos aren’t penis shaped at all! The designs vary – some are sleek and smooth while others are textured complete with grooves and bumps.

Remember one thing when shopping for a dildo – they are designed for insertion or if you may, penetrative sex. They also don’t vibrate, unless you go for contemporary dildos designed with vibrating attachments.

Be sure of what you’re looking for before making a purchase. Many newbies in search of clitoral stimulation opt for dildos only to end up getting disappointed. This shouldn’t make you feel bad at all. As strange as it sounds, anything is possible in the world of sex toys. It all boils down to how creative you are. You got a dildo when all you wanted is an intense orgasm. So what? You can make the most out of what you got and end up falling in love with it. You can use your dildo as you rub your clit with a vibrator. If you end up with a vibrating dildo, then find an angle that makes it easy for you to hit your g-spot as well as your clit at the same time.

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs

There’s a lot of confusion and misconception around butt plugs. First off, many people assume that butt plugs are for people who enjoy anal sex. Your anus is loaded with nerves, making it one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It comes along with lots of pleasure potential. Now just because you use or you crave for butt plugs doesn’t mean you should have anal sex. Feel free to use a butt plug as you go about any sexual act regardless of your sexuality.

Think of butt plugs as great additions to oral sex or dry humping. They are ideal during penetrative sex if you enjoy the sensation that comes along with feeling stuffed or full. Keep in mind that the vaginal and anal canals are separated by a thin skin. Aptly put, the canals are next door neighbours. Put in a butt plug in the anal chamber and the plug significantly deceases vaginal canal’s width. This makes it very very easy for your partner to hit the g-spot. The feeling gets even better where a penis is involved during shafting.



The lube is of course, not a sex toy. Make no mistake though. For any sex toy you go for, always but some lube. Be sure to always go for water based lubes. They are safer and healthier compared to silicone based lubes solely because they are non-absorbent. You’ll be applying the lube on very sensitive anal and vaginal surfaces. The skin around these areas aren’t just sensitive. They are also extremely absorbent. Silicone based lubes maybe ideal for those who want action for hours as they don’t dry as fast as water based lubes. You have to clean up immediately after sex though. Either way, use copious amounts of lube. The more slippery the better.

Wrap Up

Sex toys come in all forms of shapes, designs and even colors. You may have a hard time choosing one if you’re a newbie. Like you may have already learnt by now, there’s some learning curve when it comes to sex toys. To make the whole shopping task easy, figure out what kind of sensation you want. From then on, it can be easy for you to pick a toy that tickles your fancy and tips you over the edge straight into ecstasy.

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